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Fishing Information

Lures are designed to cut down on the need for live bait. They are typically designed to resemble dying, injured or prey fish. There are nearly as many fishing lures as there are fish in the ocean, however, they all fall into a few basic categories

Jigs are used up to three hundred meters deep. These lures feature a lead head opposite a sharp barbed hook. In saltwater fishing, a jig has a large metallic weight that resembles the body of a smaller weaker fish. The hook is attached via a short length of Kevlar near the top of the jig. Motion is made by the angler, as all parts are secured to the main jig.

Surface lures float and resemble prey on top of the water. They are designed to make popping sounds, burbling sounds and in some models a buzzing noise, made by one or several propellers.

Spoon lures are made to resemble the inside of a spoon. They flash in the light while moving due to their shape and attract fish this way.


Plugs are typically called crank baits, these lures are designed similar to a fish. Their movement through the water is aided by a bib in the front of the lure, near the head of the simulated fish.

Artificial flies are used in fly-fishing and are accompanied by a fly rod and reel; they are useless in traditional fishing methods.

Soft plastic lures are general lures, and the most common kind they are designed to resemble other fish, worms, lizards and other things commonly eaten by fish.

Spinner baits are wire based lures that have a hook on one end and a flashy spinner mechanism on the upper end.

Swimbait are the closest to an actually baitfish you will get in the artificial world. They are made of a soft plastic and have a realistically shaped tail that emulates a swimming motion when pulled through the water.

Always choosing the right lure for the kind and size of fish you want to catch will insure you not only have a fun fishing day, but a productive one as well.